Frequently Asked Questions

It is currently open, and you can benefit the special Early Bird prices. The deadline for Early Bird exhibitor registrations is 30 September 2019.
Officially there is no deadline to purchase a booth and participate EURIE 2020 as an exhibitor. However first come first served works for the sales where we advise you to make your bookings as early as possible.
In fact we do present a wide range of stand sizes where you might find the booth which suits your expectation. However if you are looking for a different size / type for some reason you should contact: [email protected]
• You will be provided with the booth in accordance with the size you paid for with a suitable space within the exhibition area.
• On the top of the booth the name of your institution / organization will be placed visibly.
• The name and logo of your institution / organization will be included in the conference catalogue.
•Table/s, chairs, power socket, bin and other essentials for a booth will be provided.
• You will be able to comfortably use your own materials on the parts mentioned above • You will be able to freely decorate your booth within the limits of general conception.
• Please send an email to [email protected] in case you would like to ask for any special requirements.
• Please refer to the list mentioned on the top for each price category and its inclusion in term of stand size and free registrations.
Stand Size Number of Free Registrations Regular Stand Price Low /Lower-Income Economies Stand Price*
9m2 3 2.880,-USD 2.070,-USD
12m2 5 3.840,-USD 2.760,-USD
18m2 6 5.760,-USD 4.140,-USD
24m2 10 7.680,-USD 5.520,-USD
30m2 11 9.600,-USD 6.900,-USD
We cannot ensure the selection of booth location since the planning of exhibiting area has its own requirements. You are free to let us know about your inquiry related to location of your booth, but what we can do is to check the availability/possibility for this and keep you informed about the result without any guarantee.
You can set up the booths on 18th of February. The exhibition area will open for you one day earlier than the event date to let you complete set up and all that comfortably.
Each day it starts at 09:00 and finishes at 17:00
On the first day of the summit you should visit the registration desk in order to get your badges that will be valid during 3 days.
Exhibitors have access for some free registrations depending on stand size as explained on one of above questions. Other than free visitor registrations included in stand fee you are not allowed to let any other guests in.
The exhibitors and visitors are eligible to apply for registration within the audience of all the panel and roundtable sessions. As a natural result of the sizes and capability of rooms for panel and roundtable sessions first come first served works here as well.
Yes, all you need to do is log in through the user name and password that will be sent to your email address.
After you download and log in EURIE 2020 mobile application you should click the relevant section and get registered for this special event as an integrated part of EURIE 2020. Just make sure we would like to note that it is free of charge.
Yes, besides having a booth in the exhibiting area the visitors can attend roundtable sessions, panels and any other section of EURIE 2020.
Visitor registration is for one person only. So every visitor should pay and be registered for EURIE 2020.
If you will not be an exhibitor you can attend EURIE 2020 with as many as representatives from your institution / organization.
The venue Istanbul Lutfi Kirdar International Convention and Exhibition Center is in the heart of city surrounded with plenty of suitable accommodation options. Moreover you can ask Boyut Group the official Travel Agency for EURIE 2020 for assistance after 15th of December 2020.
The accommodation and transportation costs need to be afforded by the participants, but we can assist you with arrangements through Boyut Group, the official Travel Agency of EURIE via affordable rates. The deadline for EURIE participants to contact Boyut Group about accommodation and transportation is 15th of December.
EURIE can provide you with an official visa invitation letter as long as your organization / institution meets the strictly essential requirements. Thereafter you shall receive your official invitation letter without any guarantee for obtaining the visa.