You can see the pricelist* for EURIE 2021 exhibiting stands below:

Stand Size Number of Free Registrations Regular Stand Price** Low-Income Economies Stand Price***
9m2 3 2.880,-USD 2.070,-USD
12m2 4 3.840,-USD 2.760,-USD
18m2 6 5.760,-USD 4.140,-USD
24m2 10 7.680,-USD 5.520,-USD
30m2 12 9.600,-USD 6.900,-USD

*: VAT costs are included in the prices listed above.
**: If you are based in a country classified as a ‘low-income economy’ by the World Bank, you qualify for a reduced exhibitor rate.
The discounts based on Early Bird and Low Income Economy cannot be combined and used together.

  • You will be provided with the booth in accordance with the size you paid for with a suitable space within the exhibition area
  • On the top of the booth name of your institution / organization will be placed visibly.
  • The name and logo of your institution / organization will be included in the conference catalogue.
  • Table/s, chairs, power socket, bin and other essentials for a booth will be provided.
  • You will be able to comfortably use your own materials on the parts mentioned above.
  • You will be able to freely decorate your booth within the limits of general conception
  • Please send an email to [email protected] in case you would like to ask for any special requirements.
  • Please refer to the list mentioned on the top for each price category and its inclusion in terms of stand size and free registrations

You can facilitate set up and other issues of your exhibiting stand on 18th of February one day earlier than the starting date of EURIE 2021. You will be provided with the needed tools indicated on the previous section. Any problems that may occur during set up are your own responsibility. The set up issues will be at your care.

Regardless of stand size and price we cannot ensure the selection of booth location since the planning of exhibition area has its own requirements. You are free to let us know about your inquiry related to location of your booth, but what we can do is to check the availability for it and keep you informed about the results without any guarantee.


You can make the payment of an exhibiting stand via bank transfer or credit card. Cash upon arrival option cannot possibly work for exhibiting at EURIE 2021. You can facilitate the bank transfer as per the bank details mentioned on the EURIE 2021 Exhibitor Form. If you would like to pay by credit card you can fill the relevant section on the form or you can make the payment online EURIE 2021 Online Payment