EURIE NEWS November 2016
EURIE 2017 Panels
EURIE 2017 conference will have a number of panels on refugees’ access to higher education. One panel titled “Leading the Experience into a New Era of Mobility for Refugees” will feature speakers from Kiron Open Higher Education and NOKUT-Norwegian Agency for Quality Assurance in Education, presenting their best practices for developing and assessing refugees’ qualifications to facilitate their access to higher education.
EURIE 2017 conference will have training workshops on March 22, the first day of the event, right after the opening ceremony and reception. The training workshops are a great professional development opportunity for International Office staff. One of the workshops is designed for marketing and recruitment staff and is titled “Tracking Online Marketing Activities Until Enrollment”. The training will be delivered by Study Portals’ senior analytics consultant.
ICEF Agent Barometer
During ICEF Berlin Agent Workhsop last month, Agent Barometer survey results were announced. Based on more than 1000 responses from agents in more than 100 countries, Agent Barometer revealed important shifts in the appeal of destination countries and students’ concerns. While US and Canada remain as the most attractive destinations, Canada’s appeal is growing and the US and UK’s appeal are declining in the last few years. Students’ concerns are shifting away from financial issues to study visas and safety.
Early student applications to UK Universities by students from EU countries are down by 9%. This declining interest in UK’s top universities, including Oxford and Cambridge, may be the result of Brexit and the uncertainities resulting from it. The UK has announced that the same financial conditions and support continue to apply to students from EU members states as home students in the next academic year.


Atilim University has managed to rank 4th among the Turkish universities by finding itself a place in 401-500 range in the Times Higher Education World Universities Rankings. 18 Turkish Universities are in the top 500. The first three are Koç, Sabancı ve Bilkent Universities. Atılım is a relatively new-comer to the rankings, showing the fastest rise and joining the larger and well-known public universities such as Bogazici, Istanbul, Istanbul Technical University.
UNIVERSITY of New Haven’s campus IN Prato, Italy
University of New Haven’s Prato campus enables students to immerse themselves in a multicultural city in Europe. Prato, the second largest city in Tuscany, is home to nearly 120 ethnicities, creating an environment that is ideal for students to develop a more international perspective. UNH students in Prato get not only introduction to Italian language and culture but also learn about additional cultures and hot topics such as immigation.

Canadian Bureau for International Education Annual Conference
Internationalization for All
Nov 13-16, 2016
Ottowa, Canada

Comparative and International Education Society Annual Conference

Problematizing Inequality: The Promise of Comparative and International Education
March 5-9, 2017
Atlanta Georgia, USA

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