EURIE NEWS August 2016
Let’s meet at the EAIE Conference 2016!
EURAS - Eurasian Universities Union is heading to Liverpool for the EAIE Annual Conference in Liverpool between 13th and 16th of September, 2016. EURAS is a non-profit international association, with over 90 higher education institution members from all around Europe, Asia and the Middle East; working for the advancement of educational standards in the Eurasian region through dialogue and exchange of best practices.
EURIE - Eurasia Higher Education Summit is endorsed and supported by EURAS. You can find out more about the services and activities we provide by visiting our website To learn more about the EURIE Summit, possibilities of networking in the Eurasian Region, latest developments on higher education, trends and priorities in this region and updates from our Eurasian Universities Union, we invite you to contact us during the EAIE Conference. To schedule a meeting, please contact us via e-mail at: We look forward to seeing you at EAIE 2016 in Liverpool!
New US Visa Policy for International Students
New policy regarding conditional visas regarding mean shorter visa. US has announced its new visa policy for conditional admissions of international students. The policy affects a large group of international students who are required to pursue English language and other preparatory studies before they can be admitted into degree programs. New policy conditional visas mean shorter visa terms and possibly some visa denials initially until consulates, universities, language schools and other stakeholders adjust to the new visa regime.
Indian Universities expected to develop more partnerships abroad
India’s higher education sector is excited about a new regulation which will allow Indian universities to recognize credits completed by their students at partner institution abroad, up to two semesters of undergraduate degree or one semester of a postgraduate degree. The new regulation will encourage Indian universities to initiate partnerships with educational institutions abroad and increase outgoing student mobility on exchange programs.


Association of Arab Universities participated in the third Dialogue Conference for the South Mediterranean Countries on Higher Education Policies, in Brussels on July 13, 2016. The Dialogue Conference focused on the development of cooperation between the European Union and the southern Mediterranean countries in the field of higher education, the role of higher education institutions in times of crises, integrating refugees into the universities, enhancing university independence, creating a framework for national qualifications, and streamlining digital technologies in higher education.
Istanbul AydIn University’s International Summer Program underway
İstanbul Aydın University’s traditional summer program for international students titled “Delightful İstanbul” is taking place in August. The two-week program offers various courses for credit and a rich cultural program with site visits to museums, historical monuments and city attractions. Thsi year Delightful Istanbul program hosts students from 14

IAU 15th General Conference
November 14-17, 2016
Bangkok, Thailand

QS-APPLE Conference

22–24 November 2016
Putrajaya, Malaysia

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