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Başlıksız Belge

We are having excellent discussions prospect partners in Turkey, in other parts of the world and parts of the region. So really looking forward to continuing these conversations, fostering new partnerships, deepening some existing ones. I can already tell that we want to come back next year.

Eddie West, Assistant Dean and Executive Director, International Programs, UC Berkeley Extension, USA

It is a good opportunity to meet colleagues from all over the world and communicate ideas in international education.

Nana Wang, Project Manager in International Cooperation and Exchanges Department, Beijing Language and Culture University, CHINA

We are very happy to coordinate whole set of French institutions that came EURIE to meet partners, establish exchanges, also to promote curriculum, information and research that they make at home.

Florent Bonaventure, Director of Communication Department, Campus France, FRANCE

For Mexico it is very important collaboration with Eurasian universities and particularly we have been having a strong collaboration with EURAS. It is a pleasure for us to be here.

David Oliva Uribe, Director Education, Research and Innovation, EUMex- Connect, BELGIUM

My aim to participate to summit to enlarge our list of partner universities in the world and to strengthen our international cooperation. I really appreciate being here. I think it will help to our university to develop and improve the quality of our education.

Evgeniya Saburova, Academic mobility coordinator (Western region), Ural Federal University, RUSSIAN FEDERATION

We are very happy to participating such a well organised event. It is our first time. Everything is great and we are looking forward to participate next year.

Meiirzhan Ramazanov, Specialist of PR and Marketing Office, Semey State Medical University, KAZAKHSTAN

I’m very looking forward to find partners with us to do collaboration with universities in Turkey and Internationality.

Prof Bing WU, Head of International Partnering and Engagement, Technological University Dublin, IRELAND

I’m happy being here, my university attended EURIE last 3 years, this is my first time. I was expecting lots of opportunities and meetings but it was much better than what I was expecting so far.

Prof Mahnaz Eskandari, Department of Biomedical Engineering, Amirkabir University of Technology, IRAN

EURIE is growing bigger and I see there are more universities joining. It is the best platform for more partnerships and student mobility opportunities. Not only this, it brings different countries together. I think EURIE is a very good platform and it is going to be world’s largest one as the way its growing now.

Asad Ullah Sheikh, Manager, International Office, Superior University Lahore, PAKISTAN

We are very delighted to be here. It is a very great event and thank you for inviting us to EURIE Summit.

Ilze Zvera, International Admissions Officer, Riga Stradins University, LATVIA

EURIE provided a good platform for an informed discussion about the rise of Chinese universities and the importance of engaging with them in a meaningful and mutually beneficial way. My thanks and congratulations to the organisers for convening this discussion in Istanbul.

Tayyeb Shah, Deputy Vice President, Global Business Development, King's College London, UK

We are having great time here in EURIE. Meeting a lot of great people, having a lot of great meetings, talking about partnership with other institutions.

Steven Chang, Director of Admissions, Michigan State University, USA