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Conference Program 2019

Conference Program
1 13:00-17:00 Registration Rumeli Hall
2 13:00-19:00 Exhibition set up Rumeli Hall
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1 9:00-17:00 Registration Rumeli Hall
2 9:00-09:30 Coffee break Anadolu Auditorium Foyer
3 9:30-12:00 Opening Ceremony Anadolu Auditorium
4 12:00-17:00 Exhibition Hall open
5 12:00-13:00 Opening Reception Rumeli Hall
6 13:00-16:00 Workshop
From Discovery to Enrolment: The journey of Generation Z to becoming international students

Carmen NEGHINA and Levent GAŞGİL (Study Portals)
Pearl Carmen NEGHINA
7 13:00-16:00 Workshop
The successful engagement and integration of international students

William LAWTON (Consultant)
Saskia JENSEN (Goldsmiths, University of London)
Jade William LAWTON & Saskia JENSEN
8 13:00-16:00 Workshop
Why Transnational Higher Education Partnerships? Leadership and the Practioners’ viewpoint

Şirin MYLES (Consultant)
Amber Şirin MYLES & Olgun ÇİÇEK
9 13:00-16:00 IMAGINE TOMORROW
Entrepreneurship & Innovation Competition Opening
10 13:30-14:00 Entrepreneurship & Innovation Panel
IT Solutions for Higher Education
Murat Mayda (Yoraca Bilişim Hizmetleri)
"Smart Diploma against Fake Diplomas and Credentials"
Chair: Adem Özyavaş (İstanbul Aydın University)
*This session will be conducted in Turkish and is open to Turkish universities
11 14:15-15:00 Entrepreneurship & Innovation Panel
University-Business Cooperation

Frederick T. WEHRLE (UC Berkeley)
“Internationalization is Dead – Long Live International Programs: How Intercontinental Cert-Degrees Answer Gen-Z’s Quest for Impactful Careers”
Tuğçe BAYKENT BEYHAN (Sabancı University)
“Creating Real-Life Professional Experiences for Students: Case of Turkey”
Chair: Necati ARAS (Boğaziçi University)
Emerald Frederick T. WEHRLE
12 15:15-16:00 Entrepreneurship & Innovation Panel
Teaching for the 4th Industrial Revolution
Nevila RAMA (Mediterranean University of Albania) &
Nevila XHINDI (Mediterranean University of Albania) &
“University Education and the Demands of the Fourth Industrial Revolution”
Chair: Hasan Heperkan (Istanbul Aydın University)
13 19:00-22:00 Turkish Gala Dinner TBA
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1 8:30-9:30 Networking breakfast for EURIE Speakers TBA
2 9:00-17:00 Exhibition Hall open
3 9:30-10:15 Panel
Effective Management of International Partnerships

Hüseyin DOĞAN (Bournemouth University)
Building Bridges and Finding Opportunity in Uncertain Times – Challenges with Partnerships Centered on Research and Teaching”
Bing WU (Technological University Dublin)
Quality and Sustainability:  Effective Management of International Cooperation in Education and Research”
Chair: Andy TUNNICLIFFE (Universidad San Jorge)
Ruby Hüseyin DOĞAN
Bing WU
4 9:30-10:15 Panel
Internationalization of Business Schools: The Role of Accreditations

Joanna KARTASIEWICZ (Kozminski University)
“The Impact of Business Accreditation on Internationalization”
Yelena ISTILEULOVA (University of Ljubljana)
“Theory of Global Accreditation as a New Alternative Scheme of Global Power in Business Education”
Chair: Tara JONGMA (AACSB)
Yelena Istileulova
5 9:30-10:15 Panel
IT Solutions for International Mobility

Klementyna KIELAK (University of Warsaw)
“Digitization of the Mobility Process”
Are KANGUS (Tallinn Healthcare College) &
Asko KESK (Tallinn Healthcare College)
“Efficiency in Using ICT and Digitalization in the Process of Student Admission”
Chair: TBA
Sapphire Klementyna KIELAK
6 9:30-10:20 Around the World with EURIE: RUSSIA
Export vs. Import of Higher Education: The Case of Russia

Bogdan VORONOVSKIY (Eastern European University Association) &
Valeriya KOTELNIKOVA (State University of Management)
“Export vs. Import of Education”
Anastasia A. MININA (ETU "LETI")
Best Practices of ETU “LETI” in Student Mobility Flows”
Chair: TBA
Anastasia A. MININA
7 10:00-10:30 Coffee Break
8 10:30-11:15 Panel
Internationalization Strategy: Allocation of Resources and Financial Sustainability

Magda FERRO (Universidadae Catolica Portuguesa)
Drivers and Tools for Internationalization of HEIs”
Paulo ZAGALO-MELO (Western Michigan University)
“Strategic Resource Allocation Models in Internationalization”
Chair: Ivor EMMANUEL (UC Berkeley)
Ruby Magda FERRO
9 10:30-11:15 Panel
Internationalization via Summer Schools

Chair and Presenter: Michelle DWYER (University of Liverpool) &
Jeroen TORENBEEK (Utrecht Summer School)
“What is the Point of a Summer School? Clear Institutional Aims to Underpin Summer School Design and Activity”
Joseph McMAHON (Universidad San Jorge)
“Summer Schools and Short Courses: Challenges and Opportunities”
10 10:30-11:15 Panel
Quality Assurance in Comparative Perspective

Abdelali KAAOUACHI (Mohammed I University)
“Current Trends and Challenges in African Quality Assurance of Higher Education
Erik MARTIJNSE (Inspectorate for Higher Education Netherlands)
“Changes in the Dutch Accreditation System, Topics in the European Context”
Chair : TBA
Sapphire Abdelali KAAOUACHI
11 10:30-11:20 Around the World with EURIE: FRANCE
A New Strategy for France
Florent BONAVENTURE (Campus France)
“France’s New Strategy to Attract International Students”
Gaëlle MOAL-ULVOAS (Brest Business School)
“Towards Increasingly Meaningful Mobility”
Solenn DAUDU (ECAM-EPMI Graduate School of Engineering)
“Internationalization Strategy in ECAM-EPMI, Graduate School of Engineering”
Solenn DAUDU
12 11:30-12:15 Seminar : The Value of International Education
Why International Education is More Valuable Today Than Ever

Katherine FRANK (Central Washington University)
The Value of International Education”
Ediz KAYKAYOGLU (Central Washington University)
“Internationalization at Central Washington University”
Chair: TBA
Ruby Katherine FRANK & Ediz KAYKAYOGLU
13 11:30-12:15 Seminar : Good Governance in HE
Efficiency, Effectiveness and Value for Money: New Challenges and Opportunities in HE

Thomas ESTERMANN (European University Association)
“Efficiency, Effectiveness and Value for Money: New Challenges and New Opportunities for Higher Education”
Chair: TBA
Emerald Thomas ESTERMANN
14 11:30-12:30 Around the World with EURIE: CHINA
The Rise of Chinese Higher Education

Tayyeb SHAH (King’s College London)
“The Rise of China and its Universities”
Lara MARTIN (Heilongjiang International University)
“Building Strategic Partnerships with Chinese Universities”
Nana WANG (Beijing Language and Culture University & Confucius Institute at Okan University)
“International Cooperation of the Chinese Universities from the View of Teaching Chinese as a Foreign Language”
Wen GUO (Shanghai Lixin University of Accounting and Finance)
“International Cooperations of SLU – a Typical Case of Chinese Application-oriented HEI”
Chair: Wenhong LI (Shanghai University & Confucius Institute at Boğaziçi University)
Pearl Tayyeb SHAH
15 12:00-13:00 Lunch
16 13:00-13:45 Seminar : International Research
Research and Innovation in Europe

David OLIVA URIBE (EIT Digital Academy)
“The EIT Digital Industrial Doctorate Model: An International and Intersectorial Approach to Boost Innovation in Europe”
Şirin TEKINAY (Sabancı University)
“GEDC and SEFI Networks for Stimulating Innovation and Research Collaboration”
Chair: TBA
17 13:00-13:45 Seminar : International Rankings
The Role of Rankings in Recruitment, Internationalization Strategy and Reputation Management
Michael LUBACZ (Times Higher Education)
“The Role of Rankings in Influencing Student and Faculty Recruitment, and Strategies for Internationalization
Lachyn ITALMAZOVA (Times Higher Education)
“University Brand and Reputation Management - Case Studies”
Chair: Zeynep Çiğdem KAYACAN (İstanbul Aydin University)
Emerald Michael LUBACZ & Lachyn ITALMAZOVA
18 13:00-14:00 Roundtable
Internationalization of Curriculum: Comparative Perspectives from around the World

Moderator: saskia BEELEN (The Hague University of Applied Sciences)
19 14:00-14:45 Panel
Comprehensive Internationalization: From Theory to Practice

Laurent De POTTER (University of Liege) &
Mauro CANNONE (Ca’ Foscari University of Venice)
Comprehensive Internationalization – What can We Do to Put Theory into Practice?
Chair and Presenter: Agata MANNINO (University of Trieste)
Ruby Laurent De POTTER & Mauro CANNONE & Agata MANNINO
20 14:00-14:45 Panel
Research on the Mobility of Chinese Students

Yasemin SOYSAL (University of Essex) &
Hector CEBOLLA (Universidad Nacional de Educación a Distancia)
“In Search of Excellence: Chinese Students on the Move”
Deborah LOCK (University of Lincoln)
“Teaching, Assessing and Transitioning: A Tale of Two Teaching Cultures”
Chair: Feng LIU (Nankai University)
Emerald Yasemin SOYSAL
Deborah LOCK
21 14:00-14:45 Panel
Local/Regional/Global: Choosing the Right Positioning and Branding Strategies for your Institution

Diederich BAKKER (Hanze University of Applied Sciences)
“From Regional to International – How to Turn Regional Policy into International Strategy”
Emeric ABRIGNANI (Abdullah Gül University) 
“Does Location Really Matter? International Promotion of HEIs in Competitive Centers vs. Remote Peripheries”
Chair: Aslıhan ÖZENÇ (UED The Association of International Education Counselors of Turkey)
Sapphire Diederich BAKKER
22 14:00-14:50 Around the World with EURIE: CANADA
Internationalization of Universities in Canada

Alex KUZNETSOV (University of Alberta)
“Internationalization of Universities in Canada: Case of the University of Alberta”
Sonja KNUTSON (Memorial University of Newfoundland)
The Changing Canadian Context for International Higher Education and the Rising Demand for Regionalized Solutions”
Chair: MaryLynn WEST-MOYNES (Georgian College)
“Georgian College’ Internationalization Activities’ Effects on Regional Economy and Culture”
23 15:00-15:45

Wide Impact of Erasmus+

Gerry O’SULLIVAN (Erasmus+ National Agency Ireland)
“Internationalization of Irish Higher Education”
Joao PINTO (Erasmus Student Network)
“Internationalization at Home through Student-led Organizations”
Chair: İlker ASTARCI (Turkish National Agency)

24 15:00-15:45 Panel
Recruitment for Emerging Education Hubs

Maria Victoria CALABRESE (ETS Global) &
Melissa ABACHE (Koç University)
“How to Attract International Students to Turkey and Other Emerging Education Hubs: Opportunities and Challenges”
Chair: Ayşegül DALOĞLU (Middle Eastern Technical University)
Emerald Melissa ABACHE & Maria Victoria Calabrese
25 15:00-15:45 Panel
International Admissions in Professional Education

Steven CHANG (University of Detroit Mercy) &
Lewis CARDENAS (Michigan State University) &
Robert N. COFFEY (Michigan State University)
“A Dam in the River: Barriers to Professional School Admission for Globally Mobile Students”
Chair: Nurten URAL (Turkish Resource Center of North America)
Sapphire Lewis CARDENAS & Steven CHANG & Robert N. COFFEY & Nurten URAL
26 15:00-15:50 Around the World with EURIE: TURKEY
Internationalization of Turkish HE: Programs and Support of Government Agencies

“TUBITAK International Cooperation & Scholarship Activities”
Muhammet Akif ATAMAN (Council of Higher Education Turkey)
Internationalization of Turkish Higher  Education System: Strategies and Opportunities"
Sinem BÖLÜKBAŞI (Republic of Turkey, Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Directorate for EU Affairs)
EU Fund Opportunities for Higher Education”
Meryem UZAR (YTB, Presidency for Turks Abroad and Related Communities)
“Türkiye Scholarships: A Vision for Turkey as a Global Hub for Higher Education”
Chair: Ahmet Fatih IŞIK (Turkish National Agency)
Pearl Mete KARACA
Muhammet Akif ATAMAN
Meryem UZAR
27 15:30-16:00 Coffee Break
28 16:00-16:30 Thursday Plenary Session
David PILSBURY (Coventry University)
“Leading from the Front: Building a Sophisticated, Strategic and Sustainable Basis for Global Engagement”
Chair: TBA
29 16:30-17:00 EURAS Annual Meeting
Mustafa AYDIN (EURAS President)
“Recent Developments in the International Education Sector in Eurasia”
Mr. Anass Bennani (Director of Cooperation and Partnership Ministry of Education, Vocational Training, Higher Education and Scientific Research Kingdom of Morocco ) on the behalf of;
Saaïd AMZAZI (Minister of National Education, Vocational Training, Higher Education and Scientific Research of Morocco)
“Moroccan Experience: International Cooperation in Higher Education and Scientific Research”
30 17:00-19:00 IMAGINE TOMORROW
Entrepreneurship & Innovation Competition Award Ceremony
*Closed session
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1 9:00-15:00 Exhibition Hall open
2 9:30-10:15 Panel
From Comprehensive Internationalization to Comprehensive Integration

Helen SPENCER-OATEY (University of Warwick)
“From Comprehensive Internationalization to Comprehensive Integration:  Why Integration is so Important!” 
Daniel DAUBER (University of Warwick)
“The Global Education Profiler (GEP): Insights into Levels of Students’ Integration”
Chair: Didar Akar (Boğaziçi University)
3 9:30-10:15 Panel
Promoting Staff Mobility

Anna SADECKA (University of Warsaw)
How to Improve the Implementation and Recognition of Transnational Mobility of Staff?”
Janerik LUNDQUIST (Linköping University)
“Key Findings from the REALISE Project”
Chair: Alp OZERDEM (Coventry University)
Emerald Anna SADECKA & Janerik LUNDQUIST
4 9:30-10:15 Panel
International Career Counseling, Internships and Employability

Anna STORGARDS (University of Helsinki)
“Career Services and the International Office Working Together to Enhance Graduate Employability”
“The Contribution of Erasmus Internship Mobility on Students' Professional Development: METU Case”
Chair: TBA
Sapphire Anna STORGARDS
5 9:30-10:50 Roundtable
STEM Education

Mehmet KARAMANOĞLU (Middlesex University)
“Role of outreach and community engagement in STEM education”
Devrim Akgündüz (Istanbul Aydın University)
“Issues Related to Gender, Economic Disadvantage, and Gifted Children in STEM Education”
M. Sencer ÇORLU (Bahçeşehir University)
The Early STEM: Learning by Making at the k4 Level”
Moderator: Hamide Ertepınar (Istanbul Aydın University)
*The language of this session is Turkish.
5 9:30-10:30 Networking Meeting btw. Turkish-Kazakh Universities
*Closed session. Available for only Study in Turkey and Study in Kazakhstan exhibitors.
6 10:00-10:30 Coffee Break
7 10:30-11:15 Panel
“Global Graduate” Skills and Competences

David Loren PUENTE (International Studies Abroad ISA)
“What Skills, Competencies and Outcomes Can Students Expect from Studying Abroad?”
Sophie REISSNER-ROUBICEK (University of Warwick)
Developing ‘Global Graduate’ Skills and Competencies: Training Initiatives, Resources and Outcomes”
Chair: Deborah LOCK (University of Lincoln)
Ruby David Loren PUENTE
8 10:30-11:15 Panel
MOOCS and Transnational Education

Mark BROWN (Dublin City University)
“The Third Wave of MOOCs: Strategic Opportunities for Transnational Education”
Anthony O’MALLEY (Saint Mary’s University)
“Transnational Education in the Era of Open Learning”
Chair: William LAWTON (Consultant)
Emerald Mark BROWN
Anthony O’MALLEY
9 10:30-11:15 Panel 3
Alumni Services and Return Migration for International Students

Adina LAV (George Washington University)
“After Graduation: Return Migration, Workplace Readiness, and Career Success”
Saskia JENSEN (Goldsmiths, University of London)
“Chinese Student Mobility, Return Migration and the Transition into the Labor Market”
Chair: TBA
Sapphire Adina LAV
10 10:30-11:20 Around the World with EURIE: CANADA
Recruiting and Integrating International Students into Canadian Institutions

Jonathan KOLBER (ILAC) &
Mike ALLCOTT (Sheridan College) &
ZiPeng FENG (Thompson River University)
Recruiting and Integrating International Students Successfully into Your University, a Canadian Model”
Chair: Lorie LEE (Guard.me International Insurance)
Pearl Jonathan KOLBER & Mike ALLCOTT & ZiPeng FENG
11 11:00-12:20 Roundtable
Moderator: Carsten WALBINER (HOPES- Madad)
Jade Carsten WALBINER
12 11:30-12:15 Panel
Campus Internationalization

Yulia GRINKEVICH (National Research University Higher School of Economics)
Comprehensive Internationalization of University Environment: A Sustainable Approach”
Sandra SOARES (University of Aveiro)
“Fostering an Intercultural Mindset in Higher Education: The Case of the University of Aveiro”
Chair: Paulo ZAGALO-MELO (Western Michigan University)
13 11:30-12:15 Panel
Digital Transformation and Internationalization

Suzanna TOMASSI (The Open University)
Using Online Methods to  Expand Internationalization- Online International Learning,  Dual Degrees,, Validations and Licensing
Chair: Mehmet Ali TUĞTAN (İstanbul Bilgi University)
Emerald Suzanna TOMASSI
14 11:30-12:15 Panel
Marketing/Working with Agents

Robert COFFEY (Michigan State University)
“The Influence of Education Agents on Student Choice Making”
“Rethinking Marketing, Recruitment, and Agent Engagement”
Chair: Michiel PAUS (EduNed)
Sapphire Seher NEÖZ
15 11:30-12:30 Around the World with EURIE: IRAN
Current Issues and Trends in Iranian HE

Mahnaz ESKANDARI (Amirkabir University of Technology)
“Internationalization of Higher Education in Iran with Special Approach to Amirkabir University of Technology”
Saeid SHOJAEI (University of Tabriz)
“Internationalization Strategies for Academic Activities-
Opportunities and Challenges”
Enayat A. SHABANI (Tehran University of Medical Sciences)
“Curriculum Internationalization: The Case of an Iranian University”
Special Address by Yousef ARAM (Bu Ali Sina University)
Chair: Arash SIMCHI (Sharif University of Technology)
Pearl Mahnaz ESKANDARI
16 12:00-13:00 Lunch
17 13:00-13:45 Panel
European Higher Education Area: Recognition and Joint Degrees

Gwenaelle GUILLERME (T.I.M.E. Association)
“Challenges and Opportunities for the Double Degree Program - T.I.M.E. Association's Experience”
Mirko VARANO (KTH Royal Institute of Technology)
“The Present and Future of Joint Academic Programs - A Comparative Study”
Frank BILLINGSLEY (Vesalius College/VUB)
“The Paris Communique 2018: The Future to the Bologna Process”
Chair: TBA
Ruby Gwenaelle GUILLERME
18 13:00-13:45 Panel
Erasmus+ Virtual Exchange

Stephanie SIKLOSSY (Search for Common Ground)
“Erasmus+ Virtual Exchange – a Ground-breaking Approach for Inclusion and Internationalization”
Waidehi GOKHALE (Soliya)
Erasmus+ Virtual Exchange – a Ground-breaking Approach for Inclusion and Internationalization”
Chair: Marcello SCALISI (UNIMED)
Emerald Stephanie SIKLOSSY & Waidehi GOKHALE & Marcello SCALISI
19 13:00-13:45 Panel
International Marketing Methods: From Traditional Fairs to Using Smart Technologies to Outsourcing

“Marketing and Recruitment in Emerging Markets”
Suren NAIDOO (The Learning House, A Wiley Brand)
“Marketing Strategies for International Students in the USA”
Chair: TBA
Sapphire Timofey TOLMACHEV
20 13:00-14:00 Roundtable
Women’s Leadership in Higher Education

Moderator: Jouhaina GHERIB (Université de la Manouba)
21 14:00-14:45 Panel
Internationalization at Home: How to Engage the Academic Staff

Claudia BULNES (The Hague University of Applied Sciences) &
Eveke de LOUW (The Hague University of Applied Sciences)
“Internationalization at Home- How to Engage your Academics on Campus?”
Chair: Jean-Michel GREGOIRE (EPHEC)
Ruby Claudia BULNES & Eveke de LOUW
22 14:00-14:45 Panel
Transnational Education: New Horizons and Models

Saeeda SHAH (University of Leicester)
“Trans-National Higher Education (TNHE): Emerging Landscape; New Horizons; Potential Challenges”
Brent WHITE (University of Arizona) &
Tolga TÜRKER (University of Arizona)
“University of Arizona`s Micro-Campus Model: A New Model in International Collaboration”
Chair: Anthony O’MALLEY (Saint Mary’s University)
Emerald Saeeda SHAH
Brent WHITE & Tolga TÜRKER
23 14:00-14:45 Panel
Overcoming Challenges to Student Mobility

Katherine ALLINSON (Universities UK International)
“What More Can Be Done to Encourage Disadvantaged Learners to Go Abroad?”
Baiba PETERSONE (Riga Stradiņš University)
“Mobility in Medical Education: Multi-dimensional Gains from International Exchanges of Medical Students and Residents”
Chair: Lukasz Marczak (PWSZ)
Sapphire Katherine ALLINSON
24 14:00-14:50 Around the World with EURIE: MALAYSIA
International Higher Education in Malaysia

Nordin Bin YAHAYA(Universiti Teknologi Malaysia)
“Recent Development of the International Higher Education in Malaysia”
Nik Aloesnita Nik Mohd ALVI(Universiti Malaysia Pahang)
“International Academic Collaboration: A Dual Award Program by UMP Malaysia and HsKA Germany”
Marcus JOPONY (Universiti Malaysia Sabah)
“Internationalization Strategy in Perspective of Malaysian Universities in Borneo”
Chair: Mohd Ismid Md. Said
Pearl Nordin Bin YAHAYA
25 14:00-14:50 Inaugural Meeting of Organization for Women in Science for the Developing World (OWSD) National Chapter of Turkey
Chairs: İlkay ERDOĞAN ORHAN and Zafer ASLAN
26 15:00-15:30 Closing Plenary Session
Future Trends in Internationalization at Home

Jos BEELEN (The Hague University of Applied Sciences)

“Future Trends in Internationalization at Home”